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Moses Malone Jr. accuses James Harden of orchestrating aggravated robbery

James Harden

Moses Malone Jr. thinks that the robbery which he was a victim of, was set up by Houston Rockets star James Harden.

The son of the late and great Moses Malone avidly believes this to be the truth as well.

This all started when the younger Malone openly criticized on Facebook the price of one of Harden’s camps in Houston, and how inner city kids wouldn’t be able to participate due to the high price. He even called the NBA All Star, “Hollywood Harden.”

But on June 25th of this year, Moses Malone Jr. was approached by 15 men in front of a strip club and robbed him of $15, 000 dollars, after beating him. He believes that these men were told by James Harden to assault him, as well as his lawyer, who also believes that the club’s security had a part in this action as well.

But over some criticism for a basketball camp? It seems unlikely, but you never know. Four men were charged in connection to this case on Wednesday, July 20th. Darian Blount, Kavon Boutte, Oscar Wattell, and Deavion Lewis were charged for the association of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.

James Harden hasn’t been, and is unlikely to be, charged in this case, according to ESPN and the club’s spokesman.


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