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Most savage Cowboys-Redskins rivalry moments

The Dallas Cowboys have dominated their long rivalry with the Washington Redskins for the most part. In 120 meetings (that includes the postseason), Dallas has 73 wins while Washington has just 45 — leaving two draws between the teams.

However, while the Cowboys have been on top for the majority of the meetings, the Redskins have still been able to keep the rivalry alive.

With that in mind, these two teams have put together some incredible games with some amazing moments.

What were the most savage moments in their rivalry though? Let’s go back through the long history between the Cowboys and Redskins and try to figure that out.

3. Replacement Game

First of all, “The Replacements” is a legendary movie. And if anyone has any bad things to say about Keanu Reeves, they can leave right now.

Well, that movie was extremely loosely based on real life.

When the Redskins had to face a Cowboys team back in 1987, the NFL was on strike. Nonetheless, a number of Dallas players crossed the line.

Washington headed into the game facing a 2-0 Dallas team with some of their biggest stars playing. Despite the Redskins being made up of entirely “replacement” players, the team managed to win 13-7.

Looking at the game without any context, you’d be surprised to see it on the list, especially considering how many ridiculous moments there have been in this rivalry.

The Redskins beat their biggest rivals without any real players though. That’s pretty savage if you ask me.

2. Joe Theismann’s Birthday

Joe Theismann is one of the greatest quarterbacks the Redskins ever had. While the Washington franchise is not exactly known for their great quarterbacks, Captain Bubbly was truly special.

For those who did not know, Theismann was born on September 9, 1949. And on September 9, 1985, the Football Hall of Famer was celebrating his birthday against the Cowboys.

There was one problem though: Dallas had all the fun.

Theismann completed just 15-of-35 pass attempts for 206 yards and one touchdown. Oh, and he had five interceptions as well!

One of the greatest quarterbacks in Washington history and he was benched on this night. Jay Schroeder came in and went 4-for-8 with an interception of his own.

The Cowboys won the contest 44-14, starting the year 1-0 and dropping the Redskins to 0-1.

To top it all off, this game was in Dallas and Cowboys fans serenaded Theismann with a “Happy Birthday” song. ROUGH.

That was far from the worst part of the year for the quarterback, though. 1985 was the same year as the gruesome injury that ended his career.

1. 2005 Monday Night Football

The 2005 Monday Night Football game is one that fans of Washington love to bring up as much as possible. Meanwhile, it still haunts Cowboys fans to this day.

This one is pretty special: Week 2 of the 2005 season, Monday Night Football, the Redskins (1-0) versus the Cowboys (1-0).

Dallas dominated for much of the game. In fact, it was 13-0 with under 4:00 to go in the fourth quarter.

However, it all changed in the said final four minutes of the showdown. On 4th and 15, quarterback Mark Brunell hit wide receiver Santana Moss for a deep 39-yard touchdown. At 13-7, there was life.

With not much time left, the game was still very much in the hands of Dallas. However, Washington wasn’t buried.

After a very short Dallas drive, Washington got the ball back.

Two plays, 80 yards: this was the next Redskins’ drive. Brunell hit Moss again for a deep touchdown and Washington had a 14-13 lead.

The scoring stopped there. Dallas got a few more chances, but Washington was riding high now.The Redskins moved on to 2-0, and the Cowboys dropped to 1-1 after wasting a home game that they had in their hands.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Washington made the playoffs with a 10-6 record that year. Dallas just missed out with a 9-7 slate.

Throw that stat right there in at the end and this savage moment gets even more delicious for fans of Washington.