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NBA 2K22 Limited Edition Pack: Sure Pink Diamond Players, locker code

NBA 2K22, Limited Edition Pack, Locker Code

NBA 2K22 MyTEAM adds 13 new player cards from the new Limited Edition Pack. This includes four new Pink Diamond Cards. You can also get a guaranteed Pink Diamond card if you purchase a 20-pack of the LR Pack as a box topper. Here are the new NBA 2K22 LR Pack Player Cards:

NBA 2K22 Limited Edition Pack Player Cards:

  • Pink Diamond 95 OVR Gilbert Arenas (PG/SG)
  • Pink Diamond 95 OVR Joel Embiid (C)
  • Pink Diamond 95 OVR Michael Jordan (SG/SF)
  • Pink Diamond 95 OVR Ben Wallace (C/PF)
  • Diamond 93 OVR Lamar Odom (PF/SF)
  • Diamond 93 OVR Antawn Jamison (PF/SF)
  • Amethyst 91 OVR Kristaps Porzingis (C)
  • Amethyst 91 OVR Danilo Gallinari (SF/PF)
  • Ruby 89 OVR Yao Ming (C)
  • Ruby 88 OVR Coby White (PG/SG)
  • Ruby 88 OVR Jabari Parker (PF/C)
  • Sapphire 86 OVR Jalen Sluggs (PG/SG)
  • Sapphire 86 OVR Jarrett Culver (SF/PF)

The Limited Edition Packs come for 15,000 VC or 21,000 MT per pack. You can purchase 10 Packs for 135,000 VC and a 20-pack with a box topper for 300,000 VC. The box topper has a guaranteed Pink Diamond card inside.

Meanwhile, the Pink Diamond Joel Embiid and Gilbert Arenas will both be replaced by two new Pink Diamonds by 8 AM PT.

NBA 2K22 LE Pack Locker Code

Finally, there’s a new LR Pack locker code:


Redeeming the locker code will let players drop the ball for either a Limited Edition Pack, Limitless Takeoff Badge Pack, or a Clutch Shooter Badge Pack.