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NBA 2K22 Primetime Pack 5 arrives, new Julius Randle, locker codes, and more

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Julius Randle gets an Amethyst 91 OVR in the new NBA 2K22 Primetime Pack 5. With six new cards to play with, MyTEAM once again gets a fresh batch of player cards. Here are the new cards you can get from the NBA 2K22 Primetime V Packs:

New NBA 2K22 Primetime Pack 5 Player Cards:

  • Diamond 94 OVR Grant Hill (SF/PF)
  • Diamond 94 OVR Zach Lavine (SG/SF)
  • Amethyst 91 OVR Julius Randle (PF/C)
  • Amethyst 91 OVR Jrue Holiday (PG/SG)
  • Ruby 89 OVR Mo Williams (PG/SG)
  • Sapphire 86 OVR Donyelle Marshall (PF/SF)

Sadly, the new cards still don’t make our Top NBA 2K22 player cards list. Still, they offer solid options for players who have not yet built up a team of Diamonds.

As usual, the new Primetime Pack release will also introduce new Season Agendas for players to complete. This is a great way to earn some EXP for those who are still trying to complete the Season 1 Call To Ball BP.

NBA 2K22 Primetime V Locker Codes

As usual, there will be new Primetime Pack 5 Locker Codes available for a week. For this new pack, the new locker code is as follows:


This Locker Code will let you drop the ball for a chance to win one of these three: the latest Primetime V Pack, Gold Adidas Shoe Pack, or Limitless Takeoff Badge Pack.