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NBA already taking steps to avoid a potential lockout

The huge increase in salary cap this offseason due to the new $24 billion television rights deal means that there may be some dissatisfaction with the collective bargaining agreement signed in 2011. This could potentially lead to a lockout, which could severely hamstring a surging NBA.

It seems the league and the players’ union are keen on taking preemptive steps to avoid a costly NBA lockout. Rumors are coming in that both sides are now talking to avoid problems in 2017.

The increase in salary cap saw a lot of players get huge deals this offseason. NBA teams saw an increase in their value while being able to obtain greater flexibility in forming their desired roster.

The 2011 lockout happened because the teams and the players could not agree on the Basketball Related Income split. With this new television deal, it seems there is enough money to go around to keep teams and players happy. Although all parties seem content for now, it pays to be proactive when trying to avoid a lockout that could prove detrimental to the league, the teams, the players, and especially the fans.

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