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Breaker stunned after pulling two logoman NBA cards from same National Treasures box

NBA cards NBA logoman break

Pulling something as awesome as an NBA logoman card is certainly something every collector dreams of. It’s one of the few cards in the entire world that can command so much value due to its striking look and extremely low population. That’s why pulling two of this monster card in one box is deemed impossible by many.

Until this recent box break happened. Before last month ended, Layton Sports Cards broke an entire case of Panini’s 2020-21 National Treasures Basketball Set. The said product consisted of four boxes with 10 cards each. Each box alone costs $4,000 on eBay right now, making it among Panini’s high-end offerings in the NBA card market.

As the first box of National Treasures was being opened, one of the first massives pulls that came out was Tyrese Maxey’s Rookie Logoman patch card. Numbered three out of five, Maxey’s profile was paired with a beautiful blue version of the NBA’s Logoman beside it.

And if that wasn’t fulfilling enough, Panini decided to bless this box with one more banger – another Logoman patch card. This time, it was a One of One Rookie Patch Auto of the Chicago Bulls’ Devon Dotson. As compared to the previous card, this one has the classic red, white, and blue color scheme, and the rookie’s autograph adorning it. 

While Maxey and Dotson aren’t exactly big names in the hobby, the fact that two NBA Logoman patch cards were pulled from the same box is still an impressive feat. Of course, the dream is still to open a pack that has big-time stars in it. But in any case, this break is definitely one for the books.