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James Wiseman could miss chance to solidify himself as No. 1 pick due to NCAA ban

James Wiseman, NBA Draft

Memphis Tigers freshman center James Wiseman has put himself in the NBA Draft radar as one of the potential high-lottery picks, landing in most mock drafts as a top-three option for 2020. However, the recent 12-game ban issued by the NCAA, who claimed the 18-year-old received improper benefits to come to the school, could force him to miss out on the chance to cement himself as the No. 1 overall selection.

Matt Babcock, a former NBA agent, told Jason Munz of The Commercial Appeal that sitting out those 12 games could hinder his chances to lock up the top selection:

“It’s not like he’s a guy that just has a lot of upside with a lot of polishing to do. He’s ready to play in the NBA right now,” said Babcock. “Not that he doesn’t have room for growth. He does. (But) I think it’s more of just he’s being robbed of the experience.”

“There was a time last year where not everybody was on board with Zion (Williamson) being the No. 1 pick,” he said. “But he had the rest of the year to solidify himself. James is not going to have (as much time). So I guess there is an argument there where (the NCAA ruling) might affect his opportunity to solidify himself.”

Mock NBA Draft sites like ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Sports Illustrated have James Wiseman ranked between first and third, though that can certainly change as other top prospects get more run and jump up the draft board in the next few weeks.