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NBA team executive describes combine as a ‘waste of time’

NBA Draft Combine

The top prospects in the 2019 NBA Draft showed what they are made of in the recent draft combine in Chicago. However, one executive believes that the event is not too significant for NBA teams.

One prominent team executive told Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated that he does not see any significance with regards to the drills performed in the combine. The high-ranking team official said that the event is just a complete waste of time for NBA teams.

“It’s great for our G-League scouts,” the executive said. “For us, it’s a waste of time.”

In the combine, draft prospects are officially measured physically. Their athletic abilities are also being put into test through several drills, including five-on-five scrimmage. One executive echoed the statement of his colleague, saying that the drills in the combine are not too important.

He pointed out that teams who will base their scouting reports on the combine did a terrible job in performing their duties. It is because well-prepared teams should have made a lot of background checking during the collegiate season, and the combine will just serve as an opportunity to talk to the prospects in person.

According to the report, team executives are attending the combine not because of the draft combine itself. It also serves as an opportunity for them to reach out to player agents, who might have players who are set to become free agents this summer. Executives also often sit down to talk about possible trades in the offseason.