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Agent calls two-way contracts the worst thing to happen to players

The dream for most basketball players is to make it to the NBA. Being able to cut it in the most competitive league in the entire world is an indication that one has reached the pinnacle of the sport.

However, one particular NBA agent believes that this isn’t necessarily the case. He believes that NBA teams have found several loopholes in the form of a two-way contract which somehow hinder the opportunities of players.

For a simplistic overview, two-way contracts are usually offered to players that have NBA-level talent, but are not good enough to warrant a roster spot. These players are then sent to the G League to await a call-up, usually at the onset of an injury on their respective teams. Players, who signed a two-way contract, can spend a total of 45 days on an NBA team’s roster.

The main issue about two-way contracts is that players on such deals get paid much less then they would have if they were on “regular contracts.” This issue becomes even more problematic now that teams have found several ways to work around the financial aspect of two-way deals. The same issue applies to their agents, which is the particular reason why our anonymous source is abhorred by this model.

“Teams are explicitly violating 2-way compensation rules,” explains the agent, per Justin Jett of Def Pen. “There’s no good way to ‘police’ these deals. Agents get paid basically nothing on these deals and teams flat out lie to try to steal money from, and exploit, 2-way contract players.”

The man does have a valid point here. He strongly believes that the league should look into this and find a way to better regulate these types of deals. Now, whether or not the NBA will heed his call is an altogether different question.