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Report: All 30 teams to be part of June 22 transaction window


The NBA will reinstate its transaction window around June 22, slated to include all 30 teams, not just the 22 that will take part in the league’s resumption of the 2019-20 season, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Teams will be allowed to convert their two-way players into full-fledged NBA contracts and sign eligible free agents for the rest of the season.

Like many other deadlines, this was another widely expected to be pushed back if the season returned after a three-month hiatus. Allowing all 30 teams to take part in transactions would help keep eliminated teams engaged and somewhat active, even if their season has come to a close.

Contenders might be on the lookout for their last puzzle pieces, with only eight regular-season games left before the postseason starts. A June 22 start would give the teams at least five weeks to make moves, allowing for free-agent signings to go through the proper Training Camp 2.0, as well as enough time to make preparations for their stay at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

This transaction window will open as soon as in two weeks, giving teams on the hunt for a playoff spot another chance to add some reinforcements. Teams jostling for playoff seeding and even those who lead their respective conferences can still make key moves to spark their roster after a long hiatus.

Even transforming a two-way contract into another roster spot can make all the difference, as health and availability could play a major role in a truncated resumption of the 2019-20 season.