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BIG3 co-founder Ice Cube announces league will expand to 12 teams in 2019

The BIG3 is steadily expanding and Ice Cube recently announced a string of big changes for the 3-on-3 league that is beginning to take off.

Most notably, the league is expanding to 12 teams and the league will begin playing two times each week.

The success of the league is evident in its growth. BIG3 is opting for more teams, but the league is also opening up the talent pool by lowering the age restriction and allowing NBA and International pro players to play.

The BIG3 season usually begins in late June so perhaps they can lure an NBA free agent to play at some point. No NBA player with an established career and potential suitors would risk injury in the BIG3. But perhaps a player like Nick Young or someone similar would consider lacing it up for the BIG3.

Furthermore, the league is tapping former WNBA superstar Lisa Leslie to be the head coach of the Triplets. It’s wonderful to see female coaches in basketball and even though it’s the BIG3, it’s a big step forward for the sport.

The BIG3 will never overtake the NBA in terms of popularity. That’s a pipe dream at best.

But the league can be an interesting alternative for basketball fans to watch during the offseason months of the NBA. Everyone who has ever played basketball has played 3-on-3 so it’s a very familiar game for fans to watch.

BIG3 is expanding and doing a lot of great things for the game of basketball.