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Channing Frye hilariously fires back at Andre Iguodala by telling him to ‘get a job’

Channing Frye, Andre Iguodala

Retired NBA power forward Channing Frye answered questions from basketball fans on Twitter on Friday evening, trying to respond honestly. But the one-time champion had a special response for former Arizona Wildcats college teammate and ex-Finals adversary Andre Iguodala.

Frye, 36, retired with the Cleveland Cavaliers after last season. This time around, however, he’s telling Iguodala to “get a job.” Iguodala is currently away from the Memphis Grizzlies as they look for a trade partner for the 2015 Finals MVP, but it didn’t stop Frye from trolling him with a GIF from the 1995 film “Friday.”

Iguodala was traded by the Golden State Warriors last summer in an effort to shed salary upon the sign-and-trade acquisition of one-time All-Star guard D’Angelo Russell from the Brooklyn Nets.

“Iggy” has yet to step on the court for the young Grizzlies, though, and many expect a trade to come over the horizon soon, with Western Conference contenders like the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers mounting bids for the 35-year-old’s talents for the playoffs.

While Iguodala and Frye were college teammates at Arizona, they were on opposite sides in 2016-17 in back-to-back Finals. The power forward/center came way with the first win, helping LeBron James secure the city of Cleveland with their first major sports championship in 52 years.

The next year, however, Iguodala won his second (of three) rings when Frye was shipped off before the February 2018 trade deadline to the Lakers.

Iguodala has been sitting at home, essentially, while the Grizzlies continue to pay his $17 million salary.