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Charles Barkley roasts ‘jackasses’ defending Paul George from criticisms

Charles Barkley, Paul George, Clippers

Remember that show Jackass on MTV a few years back? Man, what happened to those guys? The questions have nothing to do with the NBA Playoffs, it’s just that NBA legend Charles Barkley used the word “jackass” to describe a certain group of people.

Barkley was referring to other TV analysts who’ve been trying to spoonfeed viewers the narrative that Paul George gets criticized more than other players. On Tuesday’s NBA on TNT, Barkley expressed his dismay over the issue, saying every great NBA player gets criticized.

“I’ve gotten criticized because I hadn’t won a championship. Michael Jordan before he won a championship, ‘Yeah, he can’t win.’ Shaq, Kobe, everybody got criticized. This false narrative, I hear these jackasses on television talking about George getting scrutinized more than other people. Give me a freakin’ break!”


Barkley acknowledged George is a terrific player, but he reminded the Los Angeles Clippers star that heavy bashing comes with the territory.

PG-13 hasn’t exactly enamored himself to fans after christening himself as Playoff P last season and then failed to live up to his self-proclaimed moniker. Since then, he’s been the butt of jokes, memes, and everything in between. To his credit though, George has come up big several times for the Clippers in the NBA Playoffs, twice saving the team from getting booted out.

The seven-time All-Star previously admitted getting hurt by the evil comments from people, saying his mental health suffered.

But as Charles Barkley pointed out, Paul George just needs to accept the nuances of being an NBA superstar. But perhaps the biggest takeaway is Shaquille O’Neal actually agreed.