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Chris Webber blames Gary Payton for hyping him up in potential scuffle with Vin Baker

The locker room incident between the L.A. Clippers and the Houston Rockets was definitely a bizarre situation. After many reports of players being distractions and sneaking into secret tunnels, one thing was true — a few Rockets players did end up entering the Clippers’ locker room and they were clearly Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green who were named the aggressors in the incident, earning separate two-game suspensions from the league. Apparently, players have been going after other players in locker rooms since the beginning of the game.

In fact, according to Nina Mandell of USA Today, Chris Webber told The Dan Patrick Show that he tried to go after Vin Baker at one time after being hyped up by Gary Payton.

“I did get close to him and if we caught each other, we would have fought. But someone would have broken it up after three seconds, so it wouldn’t have been a fight. But a couple of weeks later we went out and we hung out, so it was nothing. But that’s Gary Payton on the team it just pumps everyone up and makes it an issue.

Even though Webber never got close to Baker, hostile players entering foreign locker rooms has clearly been an issue for a long time. Webber even had a recollection about NBA Hall-of-Famer Kevin McHale chasing a referee into a locker room.

“Kevin McHale tells me one time he went into the locker room after a referee – and they won that game!”

These are definitely some strange stories told by Chris Webber himself. If they are true, this makes the whole Clippers-Rockets incident seems like child’s play.