NBA news: Dennis Rodman's touching assist to early 90s female reporter
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Dennis Rodman’s touching assist to early ’90s female reporter

Dennis Rodman, Andrea Kremer

Dennis Rodman might know that award-winning sportscaster Andrea Kremer has been included in ESPN’s “The Last Dance” docu-series. Having been a beat reporter during the Michael Jordan era with the Chicago Bulls, Kremer has been able to provide a ton of on-the-ground input about her experience with MJ and the team.

Recently, Kremer went on the Ben & Woods radio program on 97.3 The Fan in San Diego, and she shared one of her most memorable moments as a young female reporter in the early 1990s. According to Kremer, Dennis Rodman — who was still with the Detroit Pistons at that time — once offered to serve as her “protector.”

“‘If anybody gives you any trouble, you come to me and I’ll take care of it,'” Rodman said, according to Kremer.

“‘Wow, where did that come from?'” Kremer recalled wondering. “And I really, really appreciated it.”

There’s no denying that female reporters in the sports industry in general is more widely accepted today as it was some three decades ago. Perhaps Dennis Rodman was well aware of the stigma, and just wanted to let Kremer know that she could count on Rodman if anything untoward happened.

Dennis Rodman certainly had a bad boy reputation, but it is clear from this narrative that he is in fact quite the gentleman. Kremer then went on to discuss what type of impact the entire “The Last Dance” experience has had on her today.

“For me it’s like a time machine,” Kremer said. “I’m associated with the NFL now, but when I got to ESPN, I opened their Chicago bureau in 1989, this is what I was doing, was the NBA. And I covered all six of Jordan’s championships, and was there for you know, the good, the bad, the difficult.”

Kremer provides valuable insight on Dennis Rodman and other aspects of the series from the media’s perspective, which is also one of the facets that makes “The Last Dance” so intriguing.