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Dwyane Wade’s surprising reaction to Anthony Edwards naming him as comp

NBA, Dwyane Wade Anthony Edwards, Victor Oladipo

Anthony Edwards compared himself to Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade on Thursday night at a Klutch showcase ahead of the 2020 NBA Draft. According to Edwards, he considers Wade to be one of his biggest idols, and he hopes to one day surpass the future Hall of Famer.

Wade caught wind of Edwards’ remark and quickly took to Twitter to come out with a rather surprising reaction:

D-Wade did not seem to think twice about Anthony Edwards’ comments. In his mind, the highly touted youngster definitely has what it takes to be even greater that Wade was during his playing days.

Wade also made mention of legendary NCAA coach Tom Crean, who he spent two years with during his time at Marquette. Wade and Crean became extremely close, and Wade credits his former coach for having a significant impact not only on his career, but on his life outside basketball as well.

The same can be said for Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo, who himself played several years under the tutelage of Crean. Oladipo spent three years with the Indiana University program, during which Crean was the head coach. To this day, Oladipo and Crean also maintain a close relationship not only as coach to player, but as good friends as well.

Oladipo chimed in on Wade’s comment:

Crean’s next prospect comes in the form of Anthony Edwards. Now serving as the head coach of Georgia, Crean had the opportunity to coach Edwards last season. In his one-and-done year in the NCAA, the 6-foot-5 guard averaged 19.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, 2.8 assists, and 1.3 steals. More than a few folks have him going first overall in the upcoming draft to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he recently impressed in a workout for the Golden State Warriors.