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Estranged referee reveals Rasheed Wallace as target of $20 bet among officials

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Former NBA official Tim Donaghy alleged in the Let’s Get Technical podcast with former players Bonzi Wells and Rasheed Wallace that the latter was often the target of $20 bets among referees, about who could give the forward a technical foul first.

“And speaking of those technical fouls, you know, especially with [Wallace], depending on who was refereeing the game, if I was with a couple of my buddies, you know, we’d throw $20 on the table when we had a team like Portland and [Wallace], and we’d say, ‘The first one to bang Rasheed with a technical foul gets $60.”

So, there were a lot of games that, you know, went on behind the scenes. When you say you deserve those technicals, eh, probably a couple of them were given out a little bit quicker than they were for the next guy because of a simple $20 bet in the locker room.”

Wallace had certain notoriety during his playing days, especially as a member of the Portland Trail Blazers. His short fuse led to an avalanche of technical foul calls which peaked in the 2000-01 season.

Rasheed Wallace holds the NBA record for most Ts in a season with 41—an astonishing figure which seems virtually unbreakable to this day.

Having plead guilty to, two federal charges of conspiring to affect point spreads during NBA games, Donaghy was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison, before ultimately being released in November of 2009.

Since his time in prison, the former referee has made numerous claims that he was instructed by the league to officiate certain games in the hope of swaying the outcome towards a result the NBA would find beneficial to its viewership.

For its part, the league has adamantly denied such allegations, even agreeing to an independent review by a former prosecutor. In the end, the FBI found no evidence to support Donaghy’s claims.