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Jalen Rose chimes in on whole Kwame Brown circus with honest take

Kwame Brown, Jalen Rose, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Gilbert Arenas, Metta World Peace

Just in case you’ve been too busy binge-watching the latest crimes series on Netflix, Kwame Brown is in the news. For days now, Brown has been in the hoops news cycle because of his recent savage rant against Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, and Gilbert Arenas.

Brown fired back—using a fully loaded bazooka—on Jackson, Barnes, and Arenas for making fun of him all these years. As expected, the three outspoken guys clapped back again, giving everyone a glimpse of quintessential adult life in 2021. Other players have also chimed in, including Metta World Peace. Sort of.

Luckily, ESPN analyst Jalen Rose has an entirely fresh perspective on the whole drama. Rose threw his support to Brown, saying he shouldn’t be called a “bust.” Rose said he has retired the word in his vocabulary. Or at least when he’s on TV. He said “bust” is too strong of a word and NBA players should not be judged solely on statistics (via Jalen & Jacoby).

“It’s about the tag. It’s about the name. It’s about the imagery. That so many people in mainstream America try to make it like there’s only 10 successful black people. So it’s like ‘Hey, y’all got (Michael) Jordan, y’all got LeBron (James), y’all got Denzel (Washington). But Jalen Rose, you stink, you’re a loser! And that becomes the imagery not only mainstream America puts on us, but sadly on each other too.”

Being drafted by the Washington Wizards as the first overall pick out of high school in 2001, Brown failed to live up to expectations. While he never became the cornerstone he was projected to be, he carved himself a decent 13-year NBA career.

Kwame Brown is a cautionary tale to some, but for Jalen Rose, he’s a success story.