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Jason Kidd confident he will coach again

Jason Kidd was one of the most phenomenal point guards the NBA has ever seen. He had a very successful playing career that lasted for 19 seasons. He is an accomplished player who suited up for four different teams.

He immediately tried to coach in the NBA shortly after his retirement. However, Kidd as a coach was a completely different story. He had brief coaching stints with the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks and saw very little success both times.

Kidd, nonetheless, remains confident in his coaching abilities. He recently joined NBA TV’s The Starters and said he still expects to be hired someday, adding that he will use what he learned with the Nets and Bucks to be ready when another coaching offer comes his way.

“I want to coach. I love to coach. I thought the two places that [I’ve been to], Brooklyn and Milwaukee were great experiences that I can take on to the next job and hopefully do a better job.”

After being fired by the Bucks midway through last season, Jason Kidd hasn’t coached in the NBA or anywhere else. However, there are rumors that he’s one of the favorites to call the shots for the Los Angeles Lakers next season if the team’s current coach, Luke Walton, is relieved of his duties.

As a player, it took Kidd a couple of years before finally becoming a great point guard. Maybe the same can be said about his coaching career.

Whether an NBA team will be willing to give him another shot remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure: Kidd is ready when another opportunity arrives.