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Jason Williams wants to see Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes do a behind-the-back pass with an underhand throw

Jason Williams, Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs was invited by an NBA trick-pass legend to test his skills. Former NBA point guard Jason Williams knows a thing or two about executing the perfect trick pass. The man known as “White Chocolate” developed a flair for the game, dazzling basketball fans with an assortment of no-look and behind-the-back passes over the course of his career.

In an appearance on ESPN’s “NFL Sunday Countdown,” Williams said he wants to see a behind-the-back pass with an underhand throw in the NFL, and that he expects it to come from Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (via Marcus White of NBC Sports):

“The next thing I’m waiting on and I need to see is a behind-the-back pass with an underhand throw,” Williams said during a piece that aired on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown.” “If anybody can do it, it’s gonna be Pat Mahomes for sure.”

For his part, Mahomes actually revealed that he has tried that kind of pass on the Chiefs practice field, but that he does not expect to execute it during a game:

“Chances aren’t high of it right now,” Mahomes said. “It would have to be a perfect situation and that would just have to happen (naturally), but you never know. I practiced it a couple times last year during the game week, and I missed it one time and [Chiefs coach Andy] Reid pretty much vetoed it after that.”

Of course, Mahomes lit the NFL on fire last season in which he was named the NFL MVP, and he has shown the capability to throw no-look dimes with relative ease.

Then again, Mahomes missed a wide-open Travis Kelce in the end zone on a no-look attempt in Week 1, so he may look to mitigate those mistakes with the Chiefs looking to live up to Super Bowl expectations.