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Kevin Durant, players with season-ending injuries can play when 2019-20 resumes if deemed healthy

Kevin Durant, Nets

Kevin Durant is back, well sort of. As per NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, athletes who have been originally declared out for the season will now be allowed to play when the adjusted 2019-2020 regular season resumes next month. Of course given that they are shown the green light by their respective franchises.

“We’re gonna allow it,” Silver said in an interview with the Inside The NBA crew. “And I’d only say, Charles, that this has been the back-and-forth with our teams. There’s so much here that’s not fair, and we’re choosing among multiple bad alternatives given the (coronavirus) pandemic we’re dealing with. … I think, ultimately, to the extent a team has a healthy roster and those players are able to come back, they are eligible to play.”

The NBA season is set to resume in Disney World, Orlando in July 31 after what will be an almost 4-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the Commissioner puts it, teams will have the liberty to allow players like Kevin Durant who were initially ruled out for the season due to their respective injuries to come back and play as long as they’re healthy. This will be a huge boost for the Brooklyn Nets who will be part of the 22 teams who will be competing in this new tournament format.

Durant’s last professional game was still with the Golden State Warriors last year when he ruptured his Achilles in the pivotal Game 5 of the 2019 NBA Finals against Toronto Raptors. This was also his last game to suit up for the 2018 champs after singing with Brooklyn last summer.

KD’s health and preparedness to play come July 31 is just one of the many looming questions surrounding the league as it gears up for a comeback next month.