NBA news: Lakers, Clippers among teams teaming up for justice initiative
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Lakers, Clippers among Los Angeles pro sports teams teaming up for social justice initiative

NBA, Lakers, LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard

All 11 professional sports teams in the greater Los Angeles area, including the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, have formed a coalition — uniting in the name of social justice.

The Alliance: Los Angeles will collaborate to pursue change in communities of color and develop meaningful programs. The 11 sports franchises that form the alliance are the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Chargers, Clippers, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Football Club, LA Galaxy, LA Kings, Lakers, Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Sparks.

These teams will make a comprehensive five-year commitment to drive investment and impact for social justice through sports. Their unison will “address racial injustice, develop educational opportunities, and support other important issues facing communities of color, particularly Black communities.”

Via David Aldridge of The Athletic:

 “The ALLIANCE: Los Angeles has been forged specifically to create positive change in underserved communities, with an emphasis on Black communities,” a spokesperson for The Alliance said. “All 11 teams are united in their dedication to this effort and recognize driving change is a long-term commitment. Through sports and social programming, we aim to work in communities to affect structural changes on levels that have a lasting impact.”

The Lakers and Clippers have vowed to help their local communities enact change by joining the many others that have made Los Angeles one of the most attractive sports markets in the United States.

Recognizing the struggle of Black communities is the first step, now it’s time to take action as NBA stars like LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard will wear the same jersey when it comes to helping the city they represent.