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LeBron James praise from Paul Pierce draws witty reaction from CJ McCollum

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It looks like former NBA star Paul Pierce is making small steps in his recovery from losing to LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Finals back in 2012. And CJ McCollum is here to praise him for it.

Pierce’s seeming unwillingness to acknowledge that LeBron is one of the greatest of all time in the NBA has drawn criticisms from some in the NBA community over the past couple of months.

In fact, most recently, Draymond Green slammed Pierce for claiming current NBA players fear LeBron.

“Enjoy retirement man…you still fear Bron…shut up already! We get it!!!” Green wrote in an Instagram story post responding to Pierce’s quote.

CJ McCollum’s comments show how ridiculous many thought Pierce was after leaving LeBron off his top five last May. Even some of LeBron’s biggest skeptics throughout his career have to admit now that he is one of the greatest of all time.

LeBron James is closing in on the fourth championship of his career after leading the Lakers to the NBA Finals. It remains to be seen if he can get the job done, but it is worth noting that Paul Pierce said The King will be second on his Top 5 list should he win it all for the Purple and Gold this time around.