NBA news: Paul Pierce claims he is LeBron James' 'greatest individual rival'
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Paul Pierce claims he is LeBron James’ ‘greatest individual rival’

Paul Pierce, LeBron James, Lakers

LeBron James has been the best player in the NBA for over a decade, and during that span, he has won four league MVP awards, three championships, and has passed Michael Jordan for the fourth spot on the all-time scoring list.

James has had classic individual battles with fellow NBA superstars past and present, and fans constantly debate on which player gave LeBron the most difficult individual battle.

Well, for Boston Celtics legend and NBA analyst Paul Pierce, LeBron’s greatest individual rival is none other than him.

“It’s me of course. No one has had more playoff battles and more meaningful games than me and LeBron. So how could it be nobody but me? I had my career high versus LeBron, 50 points,” Paul Pierce explained.

“We had many, many battles. That’s an easy one.”

“Why do you think he moved to Miami?”

It’s hard to argue with Paul Pierce, who had at least some amazing playoff series against LeBron James. His Celtics did beat James back when he was in Cleveland, and Pierce was right. The main reason why LeBron joined forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with the Miami Heat was to dethrone Boston, which they were able to do.

LeBron James may have had the better end of their rivalry, but Paul Pierce has nothing to be ashamed of. He stood his ground and made it difficult for James to earn the title of best player in the world.

It’s safe to say, nobody has given LeBron James a tougher match-up in the East than Paul Pierce and his Celtics.