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NBA news: Paul Pierce thinks LeBron James should sign with Wizards in free agency

LeBron James Paul Pierce

LeBron James, arguably the best player  in today’s NBA, will have every spectacle looking his way this summer. Although everyone anticipates James to lead the Cavs to their fourth straight NBA Finals appearance in June, it’s the events that carry out afterward that has everyone talking. Where will The King land in free agency? Paul Pierce gave his hot take on ESPN’s The Jump.

“There is one Eastern Conference team where I think he is the best fit,” Pierce said in the video above. “I believe it’s the Washington Wizards. I mean, you have a young backcourt still. Guys where LeBron doesn’t have to carry the load every night. You know, you have a young small forward in Otto Porter. You can play LeBron at the 4. Can you imagine Bradley Beal, John Wall, LeBron James, Otto Porter, and (Marcin) Gortat? That team would definitely win the East. That team has experience, it has youth, it has everything you want.”

Paul Pierce must’ve thought this through, because he is bring up some solid points! LeBron would avoid the blood bath of stacked teams in the Western Conference if he were to hop onto a team like the Lakers (like everyone has been trying to speak into existence for the longest time), and he is known to have a good relationship with the Wizards star player John Wall.

LeBron James John Wall


With the Cavs notoriously known as one of the oldest teams in the NBA today, it might be wise for James to consider the Wizards as his next pit stop to increase his ring count. Either way, there will be a plethora of teams hoping to have James in their fold in an unexpected snag in free agency.