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Scottie Pippen explains why era of increased player movement is good for league

NBA, Scottie Pippen

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen expressed his belief on Tuesday that the NBA’s mobile players active in free agency and trades is a benefit for the popular professional league.

Apparently on ESPN program “The Jump,” the six-time NBA champion small forward for the Bulls in the 1990’s preached the freedom for players to choose their own destinies.

“There are going to be good teams that still exist and be able to make a run, but the player movement, the freedom to change teams — I like it. I think sometimes it does hurt that franchise, but players have gotten traded and been hurt as well having to pack up and move their families to different cities, so the pain has been felt on both sides.

“I think these players are not going to be frustrated, they’ve shown that they’re going to have more power in the game and be able to play in a comfortable situation.

“I think it’s been good so far. I mean we look back at the Golden State (Warriors) team and we say ‘that wasn’t good,’ but that was a once in a lifetime opportunity that Kevin Durant had — to join a team with three other All-Stars … a great dynasty for awhile. But I don’t think that kind of team will be created in the NBA ever again. But I think the player movement is just going to allow teams to be better and allow players to play with who they want to play with and not really align the general manager to set the team up.”

Pippen, 53, played for three franchises in his 17-year NBA career, including a dozen seasons with the Bulls, four with the Portland Trail Blazers, and one with the Houston Rockets. In his single season with the Rockets, Pippen played alongside All-Stars in Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley.