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VIDEO: Stephen A Smith reignites Kwame Brown feud with hilarious lowlights roasting

Stephen A Smith, Kwame Brown

As it turns out, Stephen A Smith is not done with Kwame Brown just yet. After the ESPN analyst’s earlier statement saying that Brown was right to call out his critics, Smith recently made a complete u-turn by doing exactly that on national television.

In a recent episode of Stephen A.’s World on ESPN, the outspoken broadcaster hilariously roasted a full minute of some of Brown’s most forgettable moments during his time in the NBA:

You can always count on Stephen A Smith to produce some of the most emotional reactions to pretty much anything in and around the NBA, and the way he roasted Brown’s lowlights here is pure gold.

For his part, Brown hasn’t stopped calling out Smith and other NBA personalities on social media. The former NBA big man even threatened Smith with physical violence as he challenged the renowned analyst to a street fight. Smith initially backed down from his criticism of Brown, but with the latter carrying on with his tirade, Smith has finally decided to fire back.

It will be interesting to see how Kwame Brown reacts to this latest haymaker from Stephen A. As it turns out, this feud is far from over.