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Surprising number of fully vaccinated players in the NBA, revealed

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As the start of the new season approaches, teams from around the league have been doing everything in their power to ensure that their players are administered with the COVID-19 vaccine. There’s no denying that this polarizing issue has been met with some opposition from in and around the NBA, but as it is, the league is closing in on a 100 percent vaccination rate.

This report comes from NBA insider Shams Charania of The Athletic:

The number presented here makes a lot of sense considering how a handful of teams have already confirmed that their respective squads have either been fully vaccinated or are closing in on the same. Among others, the New York Knicks, the Detroit Pistons, and the Oklahoma City Thunder are three squads that have had all their players administered with the vaccine. Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka revealed on Thursday that his team is going to be fully vaccinated before the NBA season kicks off. The same can be said about the Atlanta Hawks.

On the other hand, there are also a number of teams that are still having some issues with the vaccine. News recently emerged that Kyrie Irving is one of the players on the Brooklyn Nets that has yet to get the vaccine, while the Golden State Warriors have also had some resistance from Andrew Wiggins due to his religious beliefs. Incidentally, both New York and San Francisco have city-wide mandates requiring NBA players to be vaccinated, so this might be a huge problem for both squads moving forward.