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Updated 2018-19 title odds include Lakers, 76ers in top 5

Lakers, 76ers

Betting odds are an interesting thing. They are constantly changing, and do so for several reasons that many understand fully.

This is just one of the many reasons why fans are interested in the odds what team will win the NBA championship next season, even before the current title has not yet been claimed by either the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers.

Nonetheless, there are new odds out and boy are they interesting.

Per Jeff Sherman on Twitter, the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers are in the top among teams with a chance to win the title next year.

The interesting thing about this is the Lakers were recently at 20/1 to win the title, now they’re 14/1 — slightly better odds. The 76ers being actually tied for second with the Houston Rockets makes a lot of sense, considering one of those teams is where many people believe LeBron James will end up after free agency is done with this July.

The oddsmakers must be thinking that the Lakers have a very good chance of signing a superstar in free agency this summer. Other than that, the Lakers will certainly be better, but not nearly good enough to win a championship. The odds for them seem a bit inflated and are banking on something that is not at all guaranteed. But isn’t that what gambling is about in the first place?

Also, Boston Celtics fans out there should be very disappointed in these odds. After these playoffs, it’s clear the Celtics have the brightest future in the NBA in the short term.