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What LeBron James really thinks of GOAT debate, per Chris Bosh

LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Lakers, Heat

Chris Bosh knows that LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers took home his fourth championship and fourth NBA Finals MVP award last weekend by ousting the Miami Heat in six games.

After James won his fourth ring in 10 tries, the age-old debate once again sprung up – is James the “greatest of all time” (or GOAT)? According to his former teammate Chris Bosh on Twitter, that debate holds absolutely no importance to LeBron James:

“One person who also doesn’t want to talk about GOATs? Bron himself. He’s been a team-first guy since Akron—that’s what makes him great. Kobe, too: ‘Let’s just enjoy each other’s greatness,’ he said. I used to think people weren’t listening to those guys – the same players they were arguing over – but now I think they just don’t care. That’s why I can’t act like the question holds any weight the next time I hear it. If you’re looking to sell papers or get clicks, I promise there are better ways to do it.”

As you can see, Bosh believes that Lebron James doesn’t want to focus on a debate between players who never played against one another, and it seems as if Bosh agrees.

Bosh was an 11-time All-Star in his career and a two-time NBA champion with the Miami Heat, where LeBron James won two of his four MVP awards.

Bosh was a crucial teammate for LeBron James. He and Dwyane Wade made up the unforgettable “Big 3” that helped the Miami Heat win their second and third titles in franchise history.

It seems the GOAT debate isn’t going anywhere, but it’s good to know LeBron James isn’t particularly focused on it.

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