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NBA players react to NBA 2K18 ratings

The time for the NBA offseason video game craze has come and only weeks after the announcement of the cover athletes and the Legend Edition of the franchise that has dominated the market — NBA 2K18 — it’s a body count of players disgruntled with their ratings in the game.

Phoenix Suns phenom Devin Booker was asked what he thought his ratings should be.

“Eighty eight, 89?” the 20-year-old shooting guard said. “I think I’ve proved myself. Every year it’s like I start slow and after a few updates, it’s where I wanted to be anyways.”

The Kentucky product found out his rating is indeed an 86, close enough to what his desired value was originally at.

“Got some work to do,” Booker said. “I’ll take it, though. It’s an improvement. At least I’m going forward, so I’ll take it.”

Toronto Raptors shooting guard DeMar DeRozan also took a crack at his rating, guessing 91 for his overall mark.

“There’s many-a-reasons why,” DeRozan said. “But I’m trying to leave room so I can improve during the season with the new updates.”

The All-Star slasher found out he was rated 89, which he took in stride.

“I’ll take that,” he said cracking a smile. “I’ve seen worse and I’ve seen better. With some updates, we can get better.”

Rookies during the NBA Draft had a much more humble expectation of their ratings. Listen on the video below.

Other players like newly-signed Miami Heat shooting guard Dion Waiters, were irate at the rating — and it wasn’t the first time the Syracuse standout has had illusions of grandeur for himself.

But the young star on the rise took it upon himself to bring that “Philly cheese swag” with him this season in order to garner his desired rating.