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NBA Top Shot news: Quavo teams up with NBA Top Shot ahead of new Legendary Pack drop

Quavo, LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Trae Young, NBA Top Shot

To celebrate the end of Series 2, NBA Top Shot partners up with platinum-selling artist Quavo to further amp up the NBA fan experience. As part of the newest Legendary Pack dropping on July 29, a few digital experiences involving the Grammy winner will be unlocked, including performances from the new Migos album, ‘Culture III’.

In addition, NBA Top Shot is also giving away a handful of signed jerseys from Quavo’s all-time favorite team, the Atlanta Hawks.

As part of this major team-up, NBA Top Shot has also launched a new in-site event called ‘Quavo’s Quest’ in which users can opt to participate in a Showcase Quest featuring the rapper’s favorite NBA stars to get a chance to snag one of five signed Hawks jerseys of one of 25 free 2021 NBA Finals Legendary Packs.

Here’s how the Quest works:

  • Create your own Showcase with Moments from each of Quavo’s five favorite NBA players
  • Collectors would need to own and hold two Moments from each player until July 30 at 1 PM PDT when the platform will be taking a snapshot to track which users have successfully completed the Quest

Once you’re done with your collection, you can submit your Showcase entry here.

Finishing the event also gives you an added 250 Bonus Points for your Collector Score for the upcoming drop to possibly help boost your standing ahead of the last Legendary Pack Drop of the season. Good luck, Top Shot fam!