NBA trade: Andre Drummond viewed as riskier than D'Angelo Russell
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Andre Drummond viewed as higher risk than D’Angelo Russell on the trade market

Andre Drummond, Pistons, Warriors, D'Angelo Russell

Teams around the league have circled the wagons on their potential interest in Andre Drummond, though the market for the Detroit Pistons has been dry prior to Thursday’s trade deadline, partly due to him being viewed as a bigger risk than Golden State Warriors guard D’Angelo Russell.

“Andre Drummond is a bigger risk [than Russell] since he can hit unrestricted free agency this summer,” an Eastern Conference general manager told Frank Urbina of HoopsHype. “But for a team that’s in go-for-it mode who may not care about anything beyond this season, he could be worth a first-round pick in return in that scenario.”

Drummond’s impending free agency at the end of the season, coupled with his salary demands for his next contract, have scared teams away as it did with the Atlanta Hawks, who first inquired about his services.

Adding to that is his reputation around the league, largely viewed as less-passionate about the game and even as an empty stats center with rebounding titles to his name but no playoff victories to show for.

“Drummond just hasn’t won and I think teams would be somewhat cautious in adding him, said another Eastern Conference executive. “I just think it will be a small-market team for him. I would think a good player/players and a first-round pick would be the asking price for Drummond.”

The Pistons are looking to kickstart their rebuild and asking for a first-round pick and an expiring contract in exchange for Drummond — a price that has been viewed as too steep for inquiring front offices.

Unlike Drummond, Russell is younger (23) and has three more years in his contract, which would give other teams more confidence before shedding a first-round selection for his services.