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The Ringer suggests Clippers’ outrageous trade for Sixers’ Joel Embiid

Clippers, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Joel Embiid

Elevated concerns about the Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid duo on the Philadelphia 76ers hit an apex on Friday during The Ringer’s “NBA Show.” That would be because one anonymous executive floated an outrageous trade proposal involving the Los Angeles Clippers to co-host Justin Verrier.

The Clippers Would Send Role Players For Embiid

In the trade proposal, Verrier prefaces a deal with the Clippers. That would be because they need assistance in the frontcourt to help out co-stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

“The Clippers need a center, perhaps. The 76ers happen to have an extra one now that they’ve learned into Ben Simmons as their lord and savior. What if the Clippers traded for Joel Embiid?”

“-What would be the trade?”

“So, it would be Embiid for [Montrezl Harrell], [Landry] Shamet, Moe Harkless … and let’s just say their first-round pick.

The other Ringer co-host then interjects, crying out that the package was inferior to what the Sixers sent to the Clippers to acquire veteran forward Tobias Harris at the NBA’s trade deadline last year.

Verrier’s “source” also said that the framework of this deal had no bearing on any actual possible conversations between the two franchises and was simply inputing the players and seeing if it was successful in the “trade machine” (there are several platforms out there fans use to make trade proposals, like ESPN’s own NBA Trade Machine).

Users on social media were immediately highly skeptical of the trade and vocally critical of trying to break apart Embiid and Simmons due to them not being perfect fits on the basketball court together. Meanwhile, the Sixers are ten games over .500 and sixth in the Eastern Conference. While not quite playing up to their ceiling, Philly is just uncovering the potential between their two All-Stars.

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