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VIDEO: Dennis Rodman just wants Kanye West to send him some f***ing shoes

Dennis Rodman, Kanye West

NBA legend Dennis Rodman just sent out a birthday greeting to future United States Presidential candidate Kanye West, and the five-time NBA champ certainly did not disappoint.

Rodman recorded a video greeting for West, with the best bit being the Hall of Famer asking the Grammy Award-winning rapper for some shoes:

Kanye has been in partnership with Adidas for the past few years, and his collaboration Adidas Yeezy sneaker line has been a smashing success. As Dennis Rodman noted, West has been doing great things in the shoe game, which is undoubtedly why Rodman also wants a piece of the pie.

Rodman’s popularity has seen a spike of late, with the former two-time Defensive Player of the Year winner playing a huge role in the ESPN/Netflix mega-hit docuseries “The Last Dance.” Rodman had more than a few memorable moments during the show, and we were all reminded just how unique his personality is. Needless to say, Rodman is not like any other NBA star we’ve seen in the past, and we’re likely not going to see anyone like him ever again.

Notably, Rodman had no mention of West’s recent shock announcement of his intention to run for President. We’re not sure if Rodman is on board or not, but in terms of political affiliations, Rodman has been a close ally to North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Un. Rodman has served as an emissary of sorts between the US and North Korea, which is pretty much just on-brand for his eccentric nature.