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Kevin Hart and LaVar Ball hilariously take jabs at one another

When not appearing in movies or T.V. shows, Kevin Hart has often watched NBA games live and even joining some events like the All-Star Celebrity Game. He is also known as one of the funniest comedians in the world today, who can bring a lot of laughter without even doing much. With LaVar Ball emerging as an animated and sometimes over-the-top marketing genius himself, it was just fitting that the two meet.

That just happened recently as both Hart and Ball appeared in a clip where they can be seen taking jabs at one another while in a tub full of ice. They had very hilarious exchanges while discussing where the Big Baller Brand CEO’s footage are when he was playing high school basketball, to Hart asking not to be given more ice in his tub anymore. The video ended when Ball said that he planned to name his fourth child as “LaGreatness,” to which Hart gave a priceless reaction to.

It’s unclear if the video is going to be a commercial for a specific product, a T.V. show or even possibly a movie. It has been making its rounds on different social media sites and viewed thousands of times so far, which goes to show how the two are being patronized by the public. For what its worth, a future project could be in the works for Hart and Ball and it can be expected that it will be a sure hit given how they can both bring a lot of entertainment to their viewers.