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Video: Kobe Bryant-Lakers ‘The Final Ring’ trailer released

Kobe Bryant, Lakers, The Final Ring

The video trailer for “The Final Ring,” an eight-part web series detailing Kobe Bryant’s last championship effort with the Los Angeles Lakers, is finally up for a glance.

The multi-episode series will be released every Wednesday and Sunday, starting on Sunday, July 5 and concluding with the Episode 8 finale on July 29.

The series will be available on ClutchPoints’ Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube channels:

“The Final Ring: Kobe & The Lakers’ 2010 Title” includes interviews with some of Bryant’s teammates from those championship years, including Derek Fisher, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, and others.

Much like “The Last Dance,” Bryant’s defining moment was that fifth ring, one that put him in a surefire conversation with Michael Jordan, who won six with the Chicago Bulls.

Bryant’s 20 illustrious NBA seasons saw a different era of the league, where ruthless scoring and clutch shotmaking came alive once again under Phil Jackson, the same man who led Jordan and the Bulls to six rings.

It has been 10 years since the Lakers won their last title against their longtime rival, the Boston Celtics — a seven-game series that many purple-and-gold faithful will likely never forget.

Fisher, Gasol, and World Peace spoke at length about the struggles and the pressure surrounding that Bryant-led team on their quest to back-to-back titles, as well as the impact of winning a ring without the shadow of Shaquille O’Neal hovering over Bryant.

The answers are only a few days away, as Episode 1 will launch on July 5, paving the way for the rest of this fantastic web series.