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‘Nervous’ Boban Marjanovic gives hilarious interview with Shaquille O’Neal after Mavs-Clippers

Mavs, Boban Marjanovic, Shaquille O'Neal

The Dallas Mavericks pulled off a huge win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday, tying this first-round playoffs matchup at 1-1. Mavs big man Boban Marjanovic had a very efficient 10 minutes of action, which prompted a post-game interview with Shaquille O’Neal and the rest of the Inside the NBA crew.

Boban admitted on the onset that he was nervous about the interview, and this gave the TNT crew quite a laugh:

To be fair to Boban Marjanovic, he did not show his nerves in this interview, with the 7-foot-4 center answering his questions in an impressive manner. He wasn’t bad on the court as well, finishing with 13 points on 6-of-8 shooting, along with nine rebounds and an assist in just 10 minutes of play.

For his part, Shaq could not let this interview end without asking Boban to pull out the “You rang” line, which is a reference to a popular Frankenstein meme.

Boban is by no means a star player for the Mavs, but his contributions to the team is invaluable. Hall of Famer Charles Barkley hit the nail on the head when he labeled Boban as “the perfect teammate.”

This was a huge win for the Mavs, and as discussed in the interview above, this victory further boosts Dallas’ confidence level moving forward. Make no mistake about it: the second-seeded Clippers are still the firm favorites to progress in this first-round matchup, but clearly, the Mavs have every intention of giving LA a run for their money and prevented the oft-predicted conclusion that they were going to be swept.