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Quentin Richardson revisits location of his brother’s murder

Quentin Richardson

Former NBA journeyman Quentin Richardson recently featured in The Players’ Tribune’s YouTube series entitled Homecoming. As the title implies, the mini feature documented Richardson’s return to his hometown of Chicago. His trip down memory lane included a very somber event in the 38-year-old’s life — the murder of his own brother some 13 years ago.

After a truly inspiring visit to his Chicago home — a very comfortable house that he had bought for his family through his earnings as a professional — which was spent talking about happy memories with his family, the mood of the video quickly turned desolate.

As Richardson walked down the streets he grew up in as a kid, he reminisced on the many challenges he had to go through before he made it big. And then, Richardson spoke about the armed car robbery that led to the murder of his brother.

“For me [the murder] just let you know that your life, your family, can be touched by [violence], too,” Quentin Richardson said. “It’s not something you’re just watch in the news. Being in Chicago, growing up, seeing somebody, or reading about it, or hearing about it, for me, that was a common occurrence. And I don’t care how much money you got, how much fame you got, how much celebrity you got, whatever it is, like, life still happens.”

This just goes to show how violence has and continues to be a seemingly incurable cancer in society. As Richardson put it, violence is not selective, and can gravelly effect anybody and everybody.

Here is the full clip of Richardson’s Homecoming: