NBA video: Zaire Wade, Bronny James take turns throwing down dunks in practice
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Video: Zaire Wade, Bronny James take turns throwing down dunks in practice

Zaire Wade, Bronny James

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s sons are following in their fathers’ footsteps. In fact, Bronny James and Zaire Wade are taking their friendship a bit further, as they are attending the same high school in Southern California (Sierra Canyon School).

During a recent practice, Bronny, who is now 14 years of age, and Zaire, 17, became involved in an impromptu dunk contest. Zaire went first, proceeding to throw down a high-rising two-handed jam with ease. After flashing a quick smile of acknowledgement, Bronny executed the exact same dunk, except off one foot instead of two feet.

Unfortunately, the video clip that follows ends before a winner is determined. One thing is clear, though: Bronny and Zaire have a bright future in basketball:

In an Instagram clip that was posted on Wednesday, Zaire can be seen making his way to the hoop in slow motion for a reverse, two-handed pump:

Bronny James and Zaire Wade decided to transfer to Sierra Canyon this summer. They aren’t the only star prospects on the team’s roster this season, though. Ziaire Williams and Brandon โ€œBJโ€ Boston Jr. have joined the team as well. As a result, many high school hoops aficionados are labeling them a “superteam.”

Earlier this summer, MaxPreps sent out a tweet asking what should be expected of Bronny at Sierra Canyon. LeBron actually saw this tweet and decided to reply:

For now, hoops fans will have to wait just a bit longer to see these two playing in the NBA: