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Pac-12 planning to play 7-game college football season starting Nov. 6

Chip Kelly, Pac-12, NCAA college football

The Pac-12 conference of the NCAA has announced that they plan to play a seven-game season beginning Nov. 6, according to Heather Dinich and Kyle Bonagura in ESPN and later revealed by the conference.

It was recently established that the Pac-12 would cancel their season due to COVID-19 and the inability to establish protocols to ensure safety for all their players. The decision also at first included sitting out any sports activities until at least Jan. 1. They weren’t alone in the decision, with conferences such as the Mountain West, Mid-American Conference, and Big Ten deciding to call it quits until further notice as well.

The Big Ten recently decided last week to rejoin the action ahead of the 2020 college football season, making eight of the 10 conferences active. The hurdles required to finish the season may deem more daunting than just a few unanimous votes to return to the field. The ACC, for example, currently has its hands full dealing with the eruption of positive COVID-19 tests with Notre Dame.

The coronavirus pandemic will surely affect each conference as it has so far for the remainder of the season, leading to a shortened season for conferences that ensures a higher chance of safety for players while also giving entertainment to the college sports fans that desperately crave it.

Keep in mind, the unanimous decision to cancel the season was made just in August. But with the availability of rapid COVID-19 test that can give an immediate clearance for players, board members must have felt a sense of relief to resume with the shortened season. Now, the Pac-12 will resume play in football as well as basketball and winter sports seasons.

A schedule hasn’t been made specifically clear at the moment, but ESPN reports that a Pac-12 Championship game may be slated for Dec. 18.