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What needs to happen for a Celtics-Paul Millsap trade to work

Evan Turner, Paul Millsap

Reports indicate that Atlanta Hawks All-Star forward Paul Millsap is on the trading block.

The Hawks are taking calls on Millsap and of course, many teams should be interested.

No team is brought up in trade rumors more than the Boston Celtics. The Celtics set themselves up for this, acquiring many assets over recent years in hopes of luring that big-time free agent.

Boston came up short on Kevin Durant, but did sign Al Horford and with Isaiah Thomas blossoming into the star that he has become, the Celtics have become a very attractive destination for the league’s best players.

Millsap is a very good player and former teammate of Horford. His fit in Boston seems like it would be good but a deal has to be enticing both ways.

What could the Celtics do to make it work with the Hawks for Millsap?

Via Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe:

“Would the Celtics be interested in Millsap? Some things would likely need to happen: Millsap would have to agree to honor the final year of his contract and the Celtics would have to offer the Hawks a chip for the long-term future — likely one of those Brooklyn picks — along with the expiring contract of Amir Johnson and likely another starter to match up salaries. It would be quite a sacrifice for the Celtics, and it would also mean Horford would have to move to center, a position he would prefer not to play.”

That’s a lot that needs to happen for this to work, but it’s not impossible. A big question is if the Celtics are willing to give up that much for Millsap, who is turning 32-years-old this season.

The Hawks are in an interesting place now. After trading Kyle Korver to the Cavs it seems they may be looking to hit the reset button. With Millsap’s free agency impending, Atlanta may be looking to cash in while it can.

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