Nerlens Noel is confused with Philadelphia 76ers
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Nerlens Noel is confused with Philadelphia 76ers

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Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel is unhappy and training camp hasn’t even started yet.

He recently spoke to about his frustrations, and says he’s confused about what the team’s plans are for the future.

I think it’s just silly . . . this situation that we are in now with three starting centers. With the departure of [former general manager and president] Sam Hinkie, I would have figured that management would be able to get something done this summer

Once the team decided to move along from Sam Hinkie, Noel looked for some type of trade to happen this summer.

I think something needs to happen.

It’s a luxury to have three high tiered big men on a roster, but the mix of Noel, Jahlil Okafor and Joel Embiid doesn’t make sense.

Noel missed the entire first season of his NBA career with a torn ACL, but returned the following year to average 11.1 points and 8.1 rebounds per game.

What complicated matters more is when the Sixers drafted Okafor, and are now preparing for the debut of Embiid who has been out due to injury the past two seasons.

Both Okafor and Noel have been mentioned in trade rumors, but nothing ever materialized.

At some point the team will need to unload one or two of the trio to balance and stabilize its roster.

I feel like it definitely needs to be figured out. I think at the end of the day, again, you have three starting-caliber centers. And it’s just not going to work to anybody’s advantage having that on the same team. That’s how I’m looking at it. I’m not opposed to anything, but things need to be situated.

Noel seems to be the most vocal and the unhappiest of the bunch, and had a difficult time mixing with Okafor.

If he is chosen to be traded, he won’t leave without mentioning how he appreciates the city.

I’m here to do my job and play as hard as I can play for the city of Philadelphia. I’ve always loved the fans from the jump. It’s probably one of the realest cities in the country with just genuine passion and love for the sport.

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