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Ex-NBA big man doubles down on Kyrie Irving-Steve Nash beef despite Nets star Kevin Durant criticism

Olden Polynice, Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, Kevin Durant

Former NBA big man Olden Polynice recently made headlines after he stoked the fire on a narrative about Kyrie Irving supposedly disrespecting Steve Nash in his own home. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant caught wind of the story and he was quick to call out Polynice for supposedly peddling fake news.

Despite Durant’s savage criticism, however, Polynice has now doubled down on his narrative, stating that he is confident in the reliability of his unnamed source (h/t NBACentral on Twitter):

“If they don’t want to admit to it or whatever, that’s fine,” Polynice said. “But I got info from a very reliable source, regardless of what they’re trying to sell.”

According to Polynice’s story, Kyrie told Steve Nash to return his two MVP trophies to Kobe Bryant. Irving supposedly said this publicly during Nash’s own party. The Nets coach allegedly felt insulted by Kyrie’s jab.

“What (the source) said was what Kyrie said to Steve Nash, they are never gonna get along because he kinda like disrespected him at his own home,” Polynice continued.

This has now become a he-said, she-said type of narrative as Polynice refuses to back down on his claim. After all, he’s pretty invested in it right now, and he would look foolish if he admitted that the story wasn’t real.

Interestingly enough, however, it’s just been Kevin Durant who has been clapping back at the former NBA big man over all this. Both Kyrie Irving and Steve Nash have kept mum on the issue. Whether this means anything is unclear. Either way, it’s a very fascinating storyline that only adds to all the drama in Brooklyn.