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Nets’ James Harden will be unleashed when Nic Claxton returns

Nets, James Harden, Nic Claxton

The Brooklyn Nets may have found the big man they have been looking for this season.

In recent games, the Nets have evidently been mixing and matching as they try to figure out who’s the best player to appoint inside the paint.

The team found a new dynamic in LaMarcus Aldridge and also recently attempted to get veteran Paul Millsap involved. However, it has become more and more apparent that what the Nets need someone who can finish lobs off James Harden’s dishes. With Nic Claxton back, Brooklyn may not need to look no further, per The New York Post.

On Nets’ 102-99 win over the Dallas Mavereicks on Tuesday, the 6-foot-11 youngster registered six points, nine rebounds and one assist. According to coach Steve Nash, they will give Claxton a little more time to fully bounce back and hopefully become “great” addition to their current setup “by the end of the year.”

“It would be great to get Nic [Claxton] going again, getting him fully functioning again,” Nash said. “We saw him Friday night and obviously it looked like he hadn’t played in a while, was fouling and just a little out of rhythm. And that’s normal for a guy who has had that much of a layoff, lost a bunch of weight, is trying to get himself back in shape.”

“By the end of the year, we would love Nic to be a great add to what we do on both ends of the floor,” he added.

Claxton is expected to play significant minutes when the Nets play the Houston Rockets on Wednesday.