Nets news: Joe Harris reveals what happened during meeting with Adam Silver, downplays danger concerns
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Nets’ Joe Harris reveals what happened during meeting with Adam Silver, downplays danger concerns


The Brooklyn Nets just came back from a productive but rough trip to China. With the separation of ways currently happening between the NBA and the Chinese market, the team is being extremely careful with the words they say. Joe Harris wasn’t keen on sharing details of the trip as well.

The guard was one of the two players who was made available for the media after their Wednesday practice. The guard detailed that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did talk to players of both the Lakers and the Nets and tried to address the situation.

“The meeting with Adam was good,” Joe Harris said, per the New York Post. “He came in, sort of outlined everything that was going on, wanted to open it up for dialogue with a lot of the guys. Then everybody kind of met, took what he said, took it in and yeah, everybody kind of went their separate ways.”

“It’s not like he was standing in front of everybody and making some dramatic commentary. He was basically just describing what we already knew was going on.”

“I know a lot of the stuff has been blown out of proportion, but I don’t think guys felt uncomfortable or unsafe,” Harris said. “We were there playing preseason games. Joe had a lot of stuff planned. We had great dinners. The team bonding. There was a lot of good opportunities to hang out. We weren’t caught up with a lot of the stuff going on.”

The controversy began when Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted an image that expressed his support to Hong Kong protesters. China was outraged by his state and wanted the Rockets and the NBA banned from the country. Players and coaches have refrained from talking about the issue. LeBron James shared his opinion about the game and was chastised for his views.