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RUMOR: Nets’ Kevin Durant, James Harden beef with unvaxxed Kyrie Irving fueled by Stephen A. Smith

Nets, Kevin Durant, James Harden, Kyrie Irving

We all know that Kyrie Irving is good friends with Kevin Durant and James Harden. The bond between this trio is actually the main reason why they formed a Big 3 with the Brooklyn Nets. However, according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, things may not be too peachy between these three right now amid Kyrie’s COVID-19 vaccine drama.

Irving has refused to get vaccinated and at this point, the possibility of the All-Star point guard being forced to sit out the Nets’ home games is becoming more and more realistic. Both Durant and Harden have offered their support for their embattled buddy as they continue to have hope that this issue gets resolved sooner rather than later. However, Stephen A. believes that Irving’s anti-vax stance could cause a real rift in their relationships:

“The Brooklyn Nets can be special with Kyrie Irving. They can, no denying there,” Smith said, via Fadeaway World. “But they can be special without him too. If KD says enough is enough, Kyrie is gone. Traded. That is if the Nets could still find a team to take him at this point. Many teams are resistant to bring him on because they say he is so bizarre. I know, I have spoken to some of them. Kyrie might just stop and retire. This is what they thinking. But eventually KD has to realize that Kyrie’s vaccination status is impacting basketball. And basketball is all KD cares about. I have seen that man walk into a club with high top sneakers on, ready to ball. I ain’t lying!”

Will Durant choose basketball over friendship? Will he put more weight on winning a title with the Nets than his long-time relationship with Kyrie? Well, Smith seems to think so.

Stephen A.’s lengthy rant did not stop there. ESPN’s golden boy then went on to explain that even James Harden must be feeling a bit aggrieved by all this drama:

“Don’t think for one second that James Harden likes the nonsense that’s going on in Brooklyn,” Smith said, via First Take. “… James Harden deserves better than the nonsense Kyrie Irving is putting this franchise through!”

To be honest, KD and Harden don’t seem like the type that will throw Kyrie under the bus. They’re probably going to support him throughout this ordeal. However, as Smith implied, things could take a turn for the worse once the Nets start losing games.