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Kevin Durant reveals the player that’s been ‘the glue’ holding Brooklyn together

Kevin Durant Nets DeAndre Jordan Glue, Lakers, NBA

Armed with a new coach in Steve Nash and the return of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets will enter the 2020-21 NBA season with high expectations. This could make or break any team. But Durant reveals that veteran center DeAndre Jordan is the one holding the team together.

In a recent interview, Durant shared what Jordan brings to the team. His presence on both ends of the floor is apparent. Durant also noted that Jordan is a fun-loving character but also knows when to get serious.

“DeAndre is sort of like the glue in the locker room and everybody kind of gravitates towards his voice and his energy,” the Nets star said Wednesday, per Mollie Walker of the New York Post. “We all played against DJ throughout his whole career, and even as a competitor, he still has that joy and spirit within the game you know, playing tough but also understanding that he is playing the game.

“He brings that kid-like enjoyment to playing us. He knows how to switch it on because, sometimes, you need to cut that s–t out and be locked in. And he understands that. It’s a good balance for us as a group.”

Durant’s observation on Jordan is spot on. Apparently, this is exactly what he’s aiming for, coupled with embracing a mentorship role for the Nets’ young guys.

“You can go on a great streak you can go on a bad streak, but for us, to be able to keep things in perspective and compete while having fun, that’s kind of my main focus.”

The Nets’ first game of the 2020-21 regular season will be on opening night, Dec. 22 against the Golden State Warriors.