Nets news: Kevin Durant tells Brooklyn fans not to expect him this 2019-20 season
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Kevin Durant tells Nets fans not to expect him this 2019-20 season

Kevin Durant, Nets

Kevin Durant sent a clear message to Brooklyn Nets fans through the airwaves: don’t expect to see him suit up during this 2019-20 season.

The new Nets signing was forthcoming about his decision to sit out the season, recently appearing on EBRO In The Morning on HOT 97 and telling the fans just that:

“I’m still human. It’s taking a long time, it’s a long process,” said Durant of his recovery schedule. “It’s tough to, y’know? To dive at it everyday, two-to-three hours of just rehab, trying to get back strong. No accelerated process, I’m just working like everybody else who’s ever torn their Achilles.”

Following a largely polemical calf strain that kept him out of the latter part of the NBA Playoffs, Durant tore his Achilles tendon after only 12 minutes of play after returning to play for the Golden State Warriors in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Durant underwent the procedure to fix his Achilles only days after suffering the injury, but the recovery process is still quite extensive.

This time around, Durant will want to take it slow to ensure he’s able to get back to the height of his game, in which he was during his three years with his former team.

Nets general manager Sean Marks announced the team won’t rush him back into playing, even if the team has a stake in the playoffs. A day later, Durant doubled down on those comments during Nets Media Day, and he will likely have to remind people again that he plans to err on the side of caution after such a major and perhaps career-defining injury.