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Nets star Kyrie Irving gets desperate plea from Mayor Bill de Blasio to get Covid-19 vaccine

Nets Kyrie Irving Covid-19 vaccine New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving is making all the NBA headlines for his will-he, won’t-he Covid-19 vaccination saga. Given the city mandate in Brooklyn, he would be barred from playing in any home games should he refuse to take the shot.

With the Nets seen as one of the biggest favorites for the NBA championship, to see their run potentially derailed or hampered by something non-basketball related is definitely a shame. That reality is not lost on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who sent a plea to Kyrie Irving to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

“I’m a fan of Kyrie. I would just appeal to him — get vaccinated,” de Blasio said on the Nets star. “Your fans want to see you. We all want you back. Your teammates want you back. Look, there are teams now that are 100% vaccinated. That’s a great example to everybody else.”

The Nets star addressed the vaccinated elephant in the room during NBA media day, asking for his privacy in the meantime as he and the team sort things out.

“Again, please respect my privacy,” asked the Nets’ Kyrie Irving. “Everything will be released in due time when all of this is cleared up.”

The lead up to this new season will be interesting to say the least.